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ChikFix Home & Garden was established March 12, 2018.  Our story begins in 2016, when we received high estimates on what it would cost to clear the back yard of dead trees, blackberry bushes with thorns and other trees and foliage that was blocking the view of 1.7 acres of land.   The front yard was full of crabgrass and the landscaping was dull and lacked curb appeal.  We decided one day to tackle this enormous project ourselves.  We cleared out the backyard and landscaped it with a unique walking path made out of dead tree trunks and beautified it with impatients, elephant ears, geraniums, day lilies, angel trumpets, variations of hostas and other plants.  We revived our front yard with a kwanza cherry tree, lavender and pink crepe myrtles, orange lantana, peach colored hibiscus plants, blue hydrangeas, yellow iris' and more.


It has taken us months to beautify our yard. We enjoy planting flowers and walking the yard everyday to see the growth and changes taking place.  Deciding to take our green thumbs to the next level came after being told by many neighbors, friends and family members how beautiful our yard was and that we should go into business.  One day we had a realtor come by and asked, "Who is your landscaper and can I have their phone number?"  Once she found out it was us it got serious really fast.  She became our first client and the rest is history!  We have been on a roll with contract after contract and client referrals.  We have gotten a lot of positive response from the name "ChikFix" and are loving referred to by our clients as   "The  Flower Power Ladies" as we bring beauty and color to their yards as well.  One of our neighbors jokingly threatened to put a "for sale by neighbor sign" in our yard because we were making him look bad and now he was going to have to spruce up his yard a bit.  

ChikFix Home & Garden also offers interior design, flooring, kitchen remodeling and more.  This came about when we decided to finish our 2,000+ sq ft. basement.  This too was a fun project and we take pride in showing off our finished work.  Are you in need of a new backsplash in your kitchen or you want to replace the tile in your bathroom?  Allow us to serve you by bringing color and unique interior/landscaping designs to your home.  We look forward to serving you!

Flower Power!


ChikFix Home and Garden

"The Flower Power Ladies"





Stephanie Ty Williams

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